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Recipe for Irony: DIY High-Fructose Corn Syrup

yellow dent corn

Finally!  No more need to run to the packaged food isle of your local grocery store to get your high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) fix.  Thanks to a Parsons Design graduate […]

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Walmart and Organic: Good, Bad or Ugly?

walmart organic

Walmart announced last week that they will roll out a massive expansion in organic offerings through the Wild Oats label at prices 25% below those of other national organic brands. […]

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Don’t Panic, Go Organic: 4 Ways You + Food Can Slow Climate Change

dontpanic goorganic

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) recently released a report and, perhaps this will be no surprise to you fellow Debbie Downers out there, the news is not good.  […]

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What’s Wrong with Our Standard American Diet (SAD)? These 11 Things are a Good Starting Place…

mcdonalds meal

A friend passed this article along to me today and although the information and the concept of SAD aren’t new to me, the data included to back it up still […]

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Solid Food Introduction: A Natural Medicine Approach

infant food introduction

It is at the intersection of babies and food that all my areas of expertise collide into one big ball of science, philosophy and love.  I went to med school […]

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Your Seasonal Guide to Food as Medicine: January Produce


For many, January is a great reminder to activate new goals and start the year with a clean and healthy slate.  From a plant perspective, it’s also a time to […]

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The GMO Debate: Does it Really Matter?

GMO debate

If you’ve read any of my posts on GMO, you know that I’ve been following a Grist reporter for the past few months, Nathaniel Johnson, on his deep dive into […]

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Dietary Supplements: The Real Wart of St. John’s Wort


I’ve been watching the uptick in negative press about dietary supplements recently with much interest.  Having worked in both the packaged food and dietary supplement industries for the past nine […]

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The Future of Food Labeling

FOP label

Although small in number, the factors most likely to evolve food labeling laws in 2014 and beyond are rapidly increasing tensions among the various stakeholders in the food industry.  From […]

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My Favorite Ginger Recipes


There are so many things to love about winter…soft, fluffy scarves to bundle up in, holidays to celebrate with loved ones, and of course all the many traditional dishes filled […]

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