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Calorie Rich, Nutrient Poor: The Paradox of the Standard American Diet

CalorieRich NutrientPoor

A study published this month in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition (JACN) supplies data to support what has long been suspected: that our Standard American Diet, also […]

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What a Day’s Worth of Fruits and Veggies Actually Looks Like


If you’re like me, figuring out how to correctly consume a daily serving of each of the recommended food groups seems overly complicated. The official lingo we hear about “serving […]

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A Big Idea Worth Sharing – My Would-Be TEDx Talk

forest for the trees

A few months ago, I got a call from an organizer of TEDx Seattle, asking if I would audition for their 2015 season. It took me a few weeks to […]

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Trimming the Fat Off Obesity: Why Cutting 6 Trillion Calories Didn’t Work

100calorie snack

Earlier this month, I read an article titled, “Why the Food Industry’s 6 Trillion Calorie Cut Hasn’t Made a Dent”. 6 trillion calories is a compelling number and one that […]

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The Parent-Child Relationship: Why Annie’s and General Mills Will Work

parent child companies

When I read the news Monday of the purchase of Annie’s Homegrown (NYSE: BNNY) to General Mills (NYSE: GIS) for $820 million I was stunned. Quickly, however, my surprise shifted […]

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Sales of Packaged, Processed Foods are Declining. Here’s Why…

packaged food aisle

Reading industry news this morning, I saw the title of a blog post from Marion Nestle, an expert I respect and follow closely, “Sales of packaged, processed foods are declining: […]

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Natural – The “False Advertising Industry”’s Biggest Breakthrough


When it comes to claims on food products is Organic the “real natural”? That’s what Organic Voices, a non-profit organization largely composed of USDA Certified Organic food brands, wants you […]

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Too Much of a Good Thing or Good at All? Kids’ Cereal Overloaded With Vitamins Says EWG Report.

EWG fortification report

A new report issued by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) says nearly half of kids age eight or younger in the United States are consuming potentially harmful amounts of vitamin […]

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Dr. Oz: It’s Time to Hand Over the Megaphone


I often describe the dietary supplement industry as the Wild West and it looks like Dr. Mehmet Oz has become its latest outlaw. The celebrity cardiothoracic surgeon and daytime television […]

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It’s Time to Change Tack Navigating “Natural” Claims

WFM sign

Reading the news this morning, I came across an industry article about yet another class action suit over natural claims, this one against Whole Foods Market and their use of […]

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