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The Three Most Common Misconceptions about GMO

purple carrots

As heated as the topic of genetic modification (GMO) is, I’m surprised by the degree of confusion that persists on the most fundamental points of the debate, especially among health […]

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Flipping the Consumption Ratio: Processed to Unprocessed Foods

cutting board

Yesterday I tweeted about a Food Industry survey that found most shoppers spend less than 25% of their shopper dollars on fresh ingredients, opting instead to spend the majority of […]

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The Dr. Oz Defense: Will it Stir the Pot or Renew Credibility?


For many months, Dr. Mehmet Oz has found himself under public scrutiny over questionable content shared on his daytime program, The Dr. Oz Show. Linked to an investigation by the […]

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KIND Bar Controversy: What’s “Healthy”?

KIND websitejpg

KIND, the makers of a highly popular portfolio of bars and grain based snacks, have found themselves in the hot seat this week. The recipient of a FDA warning letter […]

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Brand Transparency: Get Some or Be Willing to Live with the Consequences

coke bottles

Recent news stories over the past week about Coca-Cola and Kraft have me thinking about the increasingly critical role transparency has to play when it comes to success in today’s […]

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I’ll Take My Apples Browned, Please. The New GMO Arctic Apple.

sliced apple

Last Friday, the USDA approved the commercial planting of genetically modified Granny Smith and Golden apples, called Arctic Apples, that are resistant to browning when sliced or bruised. In an […]

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Starbucks Finally Offers Coconut Milk…Sort of

Starbucks coconut milk

In an attempt to satisfy customers seeking non-dairy alternatives, Starbucks announced last week they would offer coconut milk in stores beginning February 17th. From a statement on their website, Providing […]

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Calorie Rich, Nutrient Poor: The Paradox of the Standard American Diet

CalorieRich NutrientPoor

A study published this month in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition (JACN) supplies data to support what has long been suspected: that our Standard American Diet, also […]

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What a Day’s Worth of Fruits and Veggies Actually Looks Like


If you’re like me, figuring out how to correctly consume a daily serving of each of the recommended food groups seems overly complicated. The official lingo we hear about “serving […]

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A Big Idea Worth Sharing – My Would-Be TEDx Talk

forest for the trees

A few months ago, I got a call from an organizer of TEDx Seattle, asking if I would audition for their 2015 season. It took me a few weeks to […]

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